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Start to Boulder

Are you a new boulder enthusiast and want to set off on the right foot? Start to Boulder is the way to go! In this course, you will learn the essentials of bouldering, and build the foundation you need to progress as a climber. Basic techniques will be taught by one of our talented trainers, alongside safe climbing practices. Minimum age for this course is 12, and from 12 to 16 participation with an adult is required.

This course includes:

  • 4 lessons - 1,5 hours each.
  • free shoe rentals for the duration of the course.

Time:      The Course starts at 19:30 untill 21:00

Price:      Following the course costs € 45,-. (excl. entrance)

You can also opt to get the course in combination with 2 months' entrance to our bouldering gyms for only € 115,-! Great deal for everyone already hooked on bouldering!

The next courses will start on:
- Saturday the 9th of March  
- Saturday the 6th of April
- Saturday the 4th of May

(In the summer there wont be a Start to Boulder here in the Campus. Do you still want to follow a Start to Boulder Course... Visit our sistergym Bouldergym Walhalla also in The Hague:

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Technique Course

This course consists of three 2-hour lessons and focuses on essential techniques at level 5b and above. Some of the techniques covered include foot placement, dead points and training analytic abilities. Mental and physical strength are equally necessary to climb technically demanding routes! You can sign up at the bar or by clicking on the link below. 

Next course: start every first Saturday of the month at 20:00
Recommended level: 5b
Price: €65,- (excl entrance fee)

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12,50 Euro excluding the entrance fee.
10 Euro for cardholders.

Mobility and strength training 

Do you ever feel your shoulders? knee? hip? elbows? Of course, we have all felt the sting of an injury; you take some rest and are back at it. But how do you prevent the next injury, and how do you strengthen your body's weak spots?

This is what mobility training is for! Mobility, in combination with strength, determines the flexibility of your joints. So by focusing on that, you can remain active with less pain and a bigger range of motion.

Of course, the technique is critical for climbing, but strength is also essential. Therefore we have training that focuses on strengthening the muscles. The core, shoulders, arms, and legs are all powerful tools during climbing. 

We provide a program that is accessible for everyone because not one person is the same. This way, everyone can work at their level and pace. Are you ready to start!

Every Wednesday at 19u00
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Personal Boulder Coaching 
Personal training with an edge!

We work on technique, balance, coordination, strength and mobility.  We make a plan to fit your needs. Together with your training, you make a plan and set your goals.

Prefer to train together (with the same goal and level)? That is also possible.

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