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Bouldering is a fun way to get kids active. It perfectly combines mental and physical challenges, where both mind and body are tested. Every route is a puzzle that you solve through movement, strength and focus, motivating kids to work together and challenge/support each other.

Boulder lessons:

The lessons offered by Boulderhal de Campus are suitable for children ages 8 and older. During these courses, both the age, bouldering level, as well as the expectations of individual schools are taken into account. All lessons take approximately one hour, during which our instructors give a brief introduction, help with basic techniques, and supervise the children as they climb. We normally book one instructor per fifteen students, but we are flexible and able to accommodate the needs of individual schools.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Bellow, you can also request a brochure for more information about the different lessons we offer.

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