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Bouldering is a fun way to get kids active. It perfectly combines mental and physical challenges, where both mind and body are tested. Every route is a puzzle that you solve through movement, strength and focus, motivating kids to work together and challenge/support each other.

Boulder lessons:

It’s our mission to give as many children as possible the opportunity to climb. It’s a sport that’s accessible to everyone, both mentally and physically. You can always find a way to climb around any limitations. It’s a “cool” sport that is perfect for developing self-confidence and resilience.

That’s why we have a special deal for groups of kids from schools, after-school care, and scout clubs.

These bouldering lessons are suitable for kids from 8 years old. The structure and content of the lessons will be tailored to suit the need of each group, based on age and other requirements.


 Price per student

10 students                    € 125,00

11 - 25 students             €   11,50

26 - 50 students            € 11,-

51 or more students      € 10,-

Prices are including the rental costs of climbing shoes with a minimum price of  €125,-

You can book a group lesson for students by sending us an email at

Did you receive an email about the “Scholenactie 2023”, with our special rates for schools? We’d love to hear from you!